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We are told there is no more shame in having a mental illness than in having cancer, that we would not expect someone with a broken leg to just power through it and get on with things, that medicating disorders of the mind is no different than medicating ailments of the body.

In many ways, this is true; physical and mental illnesses are indeed equally real and deserve to be treated with the same vigilance. But if your loved one struggles with borderline personality disorder (BPD), the comparisons can often fall flat.

Don’t dare to defend their enemy or try to justify or explain any slight they claim to have experienced.

They may try to bait you into anger, then falsely accuse you of rejecting them, make you doubt reality and your sanity.

It’s not unusual for them to cut off friends and relatives who they feel have betrayed them.

The cycles of clinginess and rejection, adulation and vilification can be profoundly disorienting and it can feel as if you are walking on eggshells, terrified of making the wrong move.

Users in the accounting field or similar fields often manipulate data to figure out product costs, sales trends, or potential tax obligations.

Indeed, the idea that people with BPD are maliciously emotionally manipulative is common, causing even some clinicians to avoid working with them.

Those with BPD commonly mask their dependency and manipulation.

An unstable sense of self is characteristic of the disorder, along with impulsiveness and demanding behavior.

For example, a log of data could be organized in alphabetical order, making individual entries easier to locate.

Data manipulation is often used on web server logs to allow a website owner to view their most popular pages as well as their traffic sources.

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