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These questions vary from so easy that they'll go over your head, and some that are so hard that you'll have to fight the urge to google them! Only a real Naruto fan will get this question right, so think hard.

Whether you do or not is up to you, but we know that Googling quiz answers is not your Nindo, or Shinobi way. We all know that the main character of the series is named Naruto. To date, the Hokage have been Hashirama Senju, Tobirama Senju, Hiruzen Sarutobi, Minato Namikaze, Tsunade, Kakashi Hatake, and Naruto Uzamaki.

Even if you've only seen a few episodes of you'll know this. We all know how Naruto's life in Shippuden went, but this is long before that. Remember when Naruto was running through the trees without the weight of the entire world (literally) on his shoulders? To date, there have been seven official Hokage, as temporary ones have never counted. Although each of these Konohagakure residents in the answers have become Hokage at one time or another, we want to know which one has been Hokage the most.

But what we have in store for you is only for those who are real Naruto fans. We're not talking about which one has been Hokage the longest, but rather, who has been Hokage most often.

follows none other than a boy named Naruto who is a jinchuriki.

A jinchuriki is a human who has a demonic tailed-beast sealed inside of them.

Along his journey he ended up making friends and saving the world a few times. Funny how simple words can slip from your mind if you no longer hear them every day. As in, when Naruto was in what we would call "grade school" who taught him arithmetic, science, and basic ninja training? Also known as the Village Hidden in the Leaves, the place where Naruto was born and raised, holds many memories. It was the place that was attacked by the nine tails on the night of Naruto's birth (long story)! In case you haven't already figured it out, the most famous member of the Nara clan is Shikamaru. There are other members far older and more powerful than Shikamaru. All of these characters are characters on Naruto, but only one of them is not a member of Shikamaru's clan. Bonus points (kind of) if you can tell yourself who the entity actually is.He is no doubt the absolute best at many different jutsu, but only a few really stand out.Saying that, there are a few that he is hands down the best at.One in particular that the Ten-Tails killed with wooden spikes.Which one of the former "rookies" died saving the lives of the others during the Fourth War? Called Tora in Japanese, this sign clasps all fingers aside from your middle, index, and thumbs.

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