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The SC4's mentioned by flatgate were "non cataloged". Now, is it a "Ruger Made" configuration or was it done after it was shipped from the Factory? For you and Hondo44, please forgive me in saying at this time I have two questions for the gentleman that I am awaiting a return phone call on. Guns that got out the door in a configuration that ws not shown or listed in the catalog and usually in very small quantities. Now, is it a "Ruger Made" configuration or was it done after it was shipped from the Factory? It means a Double Action Ruger Revolver in such a configuration that it does NOT match anything shown in the catalogs. My information which was found in ruger and his guns,indicates that this block of serial numbers was assigned to the ruger standard semi-automatic Mark-1 .22cal handgun in 1974.We can't tell without the serial number- but if you go to the Ruger website, under Customer Service, you can see the year of manufacture for serial numbers. I don't have ruger reference in front of me You can call them, toll free and they will be happy to tell you.

Moving forward from those beginnings, Smith & Wesson shaped innovations in the manufacturing of modern handguns.

Howdy Last week I picked up a nice three screw Single Six, the version with adjustable sights. t=73513Thanks I thought Super meant it came with two cylinders. I apologize if I stole this thread, I just wanted to make sure my understanding of non cataloged was what you both kindly explained to me.

Super Single-Six Revolver (Manufactured from 1964 to 1972) Caliber: .22 LR Beginning Serial Number: Years of Production: 500001 1964 502608 1965 517860 1966 528826 1967 547679 1968 566735 1969 60-13852 1970 60-52410 1971 60-81278 1972 History.html# BB/viewtopic.php? You will find a lot of guns with only the .22 cylinder but most of them are missing the Mag. All I really want to say at this time it is a 100% NIB factory made with either 5 or 6 known.

by Boge Quinn August 13th, 2003 We gets lots of questions about old Rugers.

It should be fairly obvious to our readers by now that we are great fans of William B.

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Locate the serial number on the left side of the pistol's frame.

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