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'" Chiaki posed like she was a teenage girl who addicted to such stories. " "The male lead in female clothing rushes over to the scene just in time to stop them, and says in a cool voice, ' Let me replace her! However, unlike Natsuya, he didn't know how to control the targets with the computer."For the ending, the two of them elope to a faraway place, marry, and have a wonderful life... ' I might as well call Natsuya and ask her which computer program it is' Natsuya answered the call and told him what he wanted to know. In his [Astral Vision], a white mass of energy rapidly increased in size within the palm of his hand. Seiji was currently shuffling cards, but his expression instantly changed. 'Well, he decided against saying anything else and played some cards…One hour later, Seiji's cell phone rang.He immediately used the program and brought out a circular target. It soon reached the size of a baseball, before it started glowing and flew out from his hand. * It hit the target with the sharp, whip-like sound of something blunt and heavy colliding with an object fast and hard.His own half-hearted refusal seemed far too shameless to Seiji. He put away the cards and then answered the call."It really was so difficult." Kamitani sighed.

Do you have any thoughts regarding the female lead's route? "First, I'd like to ask you somethingwhat are you intending to write about me? I'm just using you as inspiration." Seiji rubbed his chin.

""I'm still underage and can't drink alcohol yet." Seiji acted all serious. Even for someone as sly as him, he couldn't think of a comeback to this."Time and place?

Hurry and tell me already." Seiji didn't care one bit about what expression Kamitani had right now.

"You should also add a few tragic elementsher family collapsing, secretly being abused by her stepmother, or being forced by her father into a political marriage. " What was the dating sim supposed to be if the male lead in female clothing replaced the female lead in a hardcore porn video!? When he arrived at the area with many targets, he couldn't help but remember the time when they tested Mashiro's power.

As for the ending, it should be something along the lines of 'the female lead was forced by her family to marry another man, and the male lead rushed to the site of the marriage and made a huge scene, taking away the female lead! but I want something that stands out more..." "Alright, let's change it so that the female lead is sold by her parents to the mafia to pay off their debt, and the mafia tries to force her into making pornoshow about that? " "And the first porn video that the mafia wants the female lead to produce is about ***, ****, and *****." "And it's even the hardcore stuff!? Rather than being creative, wasn't this just a hardcore sex scene!? Seiji energetically commented on this both mentally and out loud. "I'd really like to see it, the male lead being a**'d." "That's enough out of you! He looked around and turned on the nearby computer.

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After that, an obstacle to their love would crop up, and after a struggle, the main characters overcome their love obstacle, and they live happily ever after. "I want the male lead to be just like you, Seiji, and the more similar he is to you the better! This is gender equality." ' Gender equality that's not what it means!

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