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In 2012, an assistant director at National Trades Union Congress membership department was fired for racist comments in Facebook.

In a separate incident, a Chinese student was fined for his abusive comments towards Singaporeans.

On 8 July 2014, Singapore passed amendments to its existing copyright law.

The amendments allow copyrights holders to apply for court injunctions, making it compulsory for internet service providers block access to websites that "flagrantly-infringe" intellectual property.

The banned website is said to have promoted promiscuous sexual behaviour and recruited underage boys for sex and nude photography.Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong said the law was necessary to preserve Singapore's racial and religious harmony as ethnic tensions in South-east Asia may give rise to Islamic terrorism.A 2012 survey from Blackbox Research showed that 75% of the respondents felt that there was no need for legal action against racist online commenters, with 59% saying a formal warning should suffice for a first-time offender, and 16% indicating that it was sufficient to publicly shame them online.Advertisements for gambling websites are also outlawed.The law took effect on 1 February 2015 when several hundred remote gambling websites were blocked.

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Under their guidelines, all ISPs are licensed by the SBA and therefore are subject to the Internet Code of Practice that outlined prohibited online material.

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