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Soudan : information sur les exigences et la marche à suivre pour obtenir un passeport soudanais, y compris un passeport d'affaires; information sur son apparence et ses caractéristiques de sécurité; information indiquant si les passeports frauduleux sont répandus (2015-2017) Canada: Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada, Sudan: Requirements and procedures to obtain a Sudanese passport, including business passports; information on appearance and security features; information on the prevalence of fraudulent passports (2015-2017), 13 July 2017, SDN105838.

EF, available at: https:// 1 September 2019] This is not a UNHCR publication.

One in three pregnant and lactating women is malnourished.

Sources indicate that the passports introduced in 2009 contain a [micro]chip with the holder's information (5 Aug. According to the same source, the electronic passport has PC [polycarbonate] datapage with multi laser image and transparent kinegram (HJP Consulting 9 June 2015b, 6). "Certified e-Passport Testing in Demand - Sudan Case Study." [Accessed 30 June 2017] HJP Consulting.

The 2015 document by HJP Consulting provides the following description of the booklet of the electronic passport: The lawyer explained that the latest Sudanese passport is of a "dark blue colour" while the previous one was green, and that "all the information [is] on the first page" while it was "in many pages" in the previous version (Lawyer 12 July 2017).

A copy of an electronic passport specimen "since 25 November 2008" provided in the 2015 document by HJP Consulting is attached to this Response.

According to the Gender-based Violence Information Management System (GBVIMS), one in four recorded incidents is sexual violence, including rape.

One in five IDP women reported to have been raped during the ongoing crisis.

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