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A standard grid search was performed for hyperparameter optimization, using leave-one-out cross validation and optimizing for Cohen’s kappa coefficient in each iteration.The resulting model score has cross validation ROC AUC score of 0.673, meaning it can predict chances of finding a girlfriend better than random, but there is still a lot of inherent uncertainty.

I either meet people in classes or at work (wide variety of backgrounds but all doing CS), or through mutual friends (lots of different majors but mostly East Asians that grew up in Canada).

Whether it's the first time in your life or whether you're coming back after 20 years, Upper Iowa University will work with you to fit college into your busy life.

Stop by or call the UIU-Waterloo Center to find out about our evening courses or the Upper Iowa online and self-paced programs.

Yeah, if you expected a statistically rigorous study, you can stop reading now.

To collect data, I tabulated every person I could think of and rated them either 1 or 0 in each of these attributes. If you’re a guy, go to Waterloo, and talked to me in the last 2 years, then you’re probably included.

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