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In this given example only seven records are available.Here we have entered an eighth record, when you click on Add Record button, btn Insert_Click method will be executed and record is added in the database.You can provide the name according to application requirement. Click on Server Explorer and Right click on the Data Connections and select the option Add Connection.Add Connection Pop up window will be opened, provide the SQL Server details and click on OK button. This process generates the layout and Emp.file under the It will also create the connection string automatically in web.config file.

Remember that we have created the file and it will generate the Emp Data Context class.

It also supports Views, Stored Procedures, and Transactions.

First we will create the database table, name tbl Emps in SQL server as: You can create the table according to your need and provide the table name.

In LINQ, the same query can be used in, an SQL database, a Data Set, an array of objects in memory and so many other data types.

Link to SQL is Object Relation Mapping (ORM) framework.

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Language integrated query or LINQ enables you to write SQL like syntax in programming language itself.

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