Diablo 3 updating setup files error

i got the dll fikes and copied them into diablo's root directory.I also replaced the d3dx9_43 or whatever its called in the system32 directory, just in case it got messed up.although, now when i run it it just crashes with no error message. Alright, here is virtually every relevant current condition that Diablo 1 is running on my seldom used Windows 8.1 laptop.

in the registry editor, under directdraw, i saw listed, so i guess it knows it needs directdraw, maybe deleting all the directdraw files and starting that from scratch might help?now, when i run diablo the whole screen goes black(like its trying to open in full screen) instead of windowed and still crashes, but this time the "diablo has stopped working" window appears.Ill try some different compatability settings and a few creating a few different batch files i have seen, to see if anything works in the mean time.I have all the D3DX9 files from 24 - 43 if that matters.is there a way i can grant diablo explecit permission to the system32 folder?

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