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There have been plenty of men who have been interested in me and vice versa, but I can go out to dinner with someone a few times and tell if it's going anywhere or not, with my kids being none the wiser. It will take someone very special and me having invested the time to find out if things can remain solid before I introduce them to my kids. It's tempting to say it's so important for daughters not to get the idea women are supposed to have a different man all the time, but I don't want my son to have the idea that what men do is be around for a little while and then they're gone. If you think kids aren't affected or don't have their opinions about things, you are wrong.

My son's best friend is a girl who confides in him because her mother cheated on her father so now they are going through a divorce and she had to move to a different town to live with her dad and everytime she does get to see her mom, there is a different boyfriend. Your personal life isn't their concern, meaning, they shouldn't have to be concerned with it. That goes for how your ex handles his dating information too. They will not be happy knowing you are dating and the knowledge will not help them in any way.

It is only a few years out of my life, but it will make a huge difference in their emotional health.

And if they change their minds before then, I might wait anyways. There is fear of the unknown and it differs with what age the child is.

She's not even with the one that caused the divorce anymore. Sometimes white lies or lies by omission are a good thing.

I made a decision very early on not to have a man parade going in and out of the house in front of my kids. I'm 46 now and I often think it would have been nice to be remarried and have a husband by now, but let's face it... When I do, my kids will be happier for me than anyone.

Actually, I'll amend that a little -- I guess part of deciding if you can marry someone is knowing how he is with your kids, you will have to introduce him a little sooner than that if you feel he is marriage material, but make sure he is really worth putting your kids through all that before you bring him into the home. As a child of divorced parents, I have to tell you I hated my mom dating.

And I was 15 when she dated and married her current husband. I didn't want her with my dad, because he was a jerk, but I didn't want her with this man either.

My own story is that I also divorced and have 2 boys ages 8 and 12. When we left my verbally abusive husband, my oldest son cried that he never wanted to see him again and wanted God to bring him a new daddy.

So when I met what I thought was the perfect new daddy, both my boys protested that they didn't want me to date anyone.

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The last thing the children need is several people popping in and out of their lives.

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