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Another problem is that it isn't really the most interesting manga.Sure it's heartwarming at times but the lack of drama or tension means that some of the volumes drag on a bit.It makes more sense than anime, where they try to force it all into a singular plotline by adding more idiotic main male leads that look more like a siblings of the main character and have pathetic personality (or lack of it).In this manga there wil be no real twist just straight forward romance, which will probably make look characters a little bit dumb.Short stories about eternal love which i find fantastic.

In each arc the main character deals with each girl in differrent ways accorrding to their personalities which will having enjoying each arc.However the biggest problem in the story lies in our main character.To put it bluntly, he's Generic Love Interest Man.The female characters are generally better developed, but even then most of them are pretty interchangeable apart from their one character trait (childhood friend, soccer, rich, ect.).I just wish some of the characters left more of an impact because by the end I only really enjoyed one character (the genius girl) because she kinda sorta had a personality.

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Yet I think its still much better choice than in anime.

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