Dont women find tall men intimidating age dating equation

I feel like the answer is "yes", but how common is this really? I'm tall but I don't consider myself abormally tall.I'm just used to being taller than most people so seeing over everyone's heads seems normal to me.When I heard about height being intimidating, I asked my friends about it. But, you know they are my friends so I thought they were just being supportive.Then I relised I hang a lot with the most honest people on the world-kids. They said because I smile a lot, and I was kind to them, they never found me scary.Was walking on campus the other day and I guy a foot taller than me walked up beside me and I hadn't noticed.Needless to say to say when I glanced to my right I freaked a little bit (okay a lot). When I was a teenager, I used to love going to haunted houses around Halloween.With me being very sarcastic it makes first impressions very difficult.

If you are tall and unscary or unintimidating, you get asked to do stuff everywhere you go. Can you stand over here and block out the sunlight so we can take a selfie? My all time craziest ask was one that didn't happen to me but to my older brother: Can you pull this anchor [which was caught on a sunken tree] up? I know almost all of us have the hots for men with a deep, husky voice. They sound plain sexy when they speak and it definitely gives us lady boners. Now I'm wondering how many interactions I have on a daily basis are influenced by my height. My wife had met her numerous times, but my first meeting with her was unplanned.She was stopping by the house for some reason and i was outside smoking.

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Every girl I've ever dated has said that if I hadn't approached them they would have been too intimidated to talk to me.

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