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There's just an endless list to do for the day but you don't know which you want to do.Your mind is just filled with one sentence ; "I've got lots of stuff to do". That's why I'm the best person to give you tips on how you can Double-date successfully.

Well, you've got the laundry to do, the date to make....This is not different from having two girlfriends whom you are in a relationship with at the same time. You could wake up one morning with the feeling that you have a bunch of activities to do and still end the day without even starting any.I used to be a big fan of "I have an ocean of works to accomplish tomorrow" statement and I bet you I did this every night and early in the morning without even knowing what I actually wanted to do for the day.So if you want to multi-task you have to have a list of what you need to do written down right before you begin any. I mean I wasn't wired up to stick to routine but it helps to increase productivity.I use my mobile phone for blogging and for everything I do because I don't have a personal computer yet and I was always getting jobs half done because I refused to stick to routine.

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The first thing to do is you have to know what you want to do.

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