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This progression must be consciously resisted by Christian young people who want to serve God and live by His standards.They can resist this trend by placing deliberate controls on the physical aspect of their relationship, right from the first date.” ― tags: a, act, amount, an, and, as, aspect, at, be-consciously, become, between, boy, by, by-christian, can, caressing, cases, consequence, contact, controls, date, day-by-day, days, deliberate, early, ease, excite, familiar, first, from, girl, god, his, in, increase, increases, inevitable, is, its, kissing, leading, likewise, live, many, more, must, necessary, occurs, of, of-touching, on, one-another, other, people, physical, placing, progression, progressive, relationship, resist, resisted, right, serve, sexual, sin, standards, tends, that, the, their, they, thing, this, to, tred, ultimate, want, who, with, words, young “A guy never has a right to force a woman to have sex with him under any circumstances.In other words, the amount of touching and caressing and kissing that occurs in the early days tends to increase as they become more familiar and at ease with one another.Likewise, the amount of contact necessary to excite one another increases day by day, leading in many cases to an ultimate act of sin and its inevitable consequence. Whenever two human beings spend time together, sooner or later they will probably irritate one another.This is true of best friends, married couples, parents and children, or teachers and students.The chances for miraculous improvements or changes in behavior are slim. ” ― tags: a, are, behavior, can-t, chances, changes, changing, characteristics, christian, clean, don-t, drinks, for, get, her, him, hopes, if, improvements, in, intolerable, is, isn-t, kind, live, marry, miraculous, of, or, person, see, slim, someone, that, the, then, what, who, with, you “34.Sexual contact between a boy and a girl is a progressive thing.

This further irritates the other person and leaves him or her to draw his or her own conclusions about what the problem may be.• They can blow up and try to hurt the other person.The question is: How do they respond when friction occurs?There are four basic ways they can react:• They can internalize the anger and send it downward into a memory bank that never forgets.She should be able to say no at any point, and he must honor that denial.It is criminal that so many girls and women are raped today.

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