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This is how my project is structured, schematically: /project ---/src1 Hello, For project structure from your example you can't use Subversive, because it requires that the whole project has to be connected to SVN, which isn't your case (because Eclipse Team API works with projects).

This page allows you to add folders and resources to your Build Path and configure rules for including / excluding certain resources in the project.

You can configure different inclusion/exclusion rules for child folders within a selected directory.

However, you will need to exclude the selected child folder from the parent directory's Build Path and add it as a separate Build Path source folder.

How can I now link the Java source root folder from the checkout directory as a source folder for my project, having all the Subversive features available for that source folder? If your 'checkout' folder is already an Eclipse project, then you can import this project in Eclipse and share it with SVN.

If you want that Eclipse project will contain only Java sources folder, then you can either checkout in Eclipse only this Java sources folder (it will become an Eclipse project after checkout) or you can use SVN's external definitions, i.e. It depends on how your want to organize your project; if you have any questions please provide examples of what you want to achieve. What I actually want to achieve is to have multiple source folders taken from different Subversion repositories combined in a single Eclipse project.

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I have to keep two projects, one local and another shared with svn, and the only way to see changes/revisions and do commits/updates is to switch to a shared project. different Subversion repositories combined in a single Eclipse project This is exactly what external definitions allow to do, they allow you to construct a working copy that is made out of a number of different checkouts, for more details please see: Hello, Please, provide an example of the problem you have, I don't understand why you need to have 2 projects (local and shared with SVN).

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