Elan gale dating casey dangers of dating an older man

Apparently, “Diane” was upset that the flight was delayed and she needed to get home, and things between her and Gale got heated IRL.Turns out the whole thing was fake, and he told ABC News, “I’m not a liar — I’m a storyteller.” Either way, the whole event was hilarious, and it cemented Gale’s place as a Twitter comedian.In the case of The Bachelor, The Bachelorette, and Bachelor In Paradise, one of those people is Elan Gale, reality TV producer extraordinaire and pal to most of his old cast members.Elan Gale is one of the brains behind all of The Bachelor and Bachelorette, and he knows all.Hey, "Bachelor" franchise, that's not a bad catchphrase!Reality television has made it so we know everything about the people in front of the camera but not that much about those behind.

He worked as an executive producer on the reality TV series, including High School Reunion(2010) and Cooking' with Coolio(2008).

Since 2015, Gale has been dating actress Molly Quinn.

During Thanksgiving 2013, Gale live-tweeted an alleged feud with a fellow passenger, "Diane", aboard a commercial passenger flight.

It's no big whoop to me (or Gale), but Kaitlyn was raked over the coals for it.

Gale, to his credit, was super supportive of her choices and defended her at every turn.

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Look at how nice everyone looked at Jade and Tanner's wedding — this is a couple that Gale basically helped set up, so I'm sure he's a proud papa at these events.

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