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If you feel that there's a connection between you two, you can then choose to meet face-to-face or arrange to meet offline. The females on our app don’t get inundated with creepy pick up lines, because our database is not searchable by members, and the males on our app don’t get their profile buried amongst the sea of other men, because we guarantee that at least one female is looking at their profile and deciding if they want to match up with you, every single day.Having gained little personal satisfaction in her former work, Violet left her previous job as an Assistant Manager with an international finance institution (2002-2003) and a stable monthly income to start-up her own matchmaking business called Lunch Actually with her then fiance, now husband Mr. In February 2004, Violet attended a matchmaking course and seminar conducted by the Matchmaking Institute, New York City, that prepared her for her new career in matchmaking and gave her insight into the dating and matchmaking industry.

Since matches are suggested based on compatibility matching, does it imply that clients only get to know people who are similar to themselves? By compatibility matching, we are mostly talking about the compatibility of values.In 2002, Violet graduated with a Masters in Industrial Relations and Personnel Management from the London School of Economics, United Kingdom.Prior to that, she read Law (1998 – 2001) at the University of Manchester.She has also won numerous speech contests at the club, area and division level.She is also Past President at the Rotary Club of Suntec City.

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