Eve online stuck updating character dating love in world and friendship

Then an audible click and screen flicker as my video resets and I get the message "Graphics Driver stopped responding.Re-set to safe mode."At this point one of three things happens:a) The screen goes black with a blinking underline in the upper left, as in the old "DOS Prompt" days.What happens:- Character Creator loads- I get to choose the faction/race/bloodline, click next- Character Creator loads, loads...and window closes, re-opens, goes back to login menu. I hope not :)No biggie though, I have a much better system at home and will be able to use the character creator fine there. Starting the game without going into the character creator works fine. Worked fine on Sisi a week or two ago :(I think I'm basically having the same problem, except the Visual Studio debugger pops up and tells me the program has stopped responding.

If I try to use the character creator with an existing character, it doesn't get past the first progress bar.Yes, I undated my drivers before even looking on the forums. And yes, I know my system is not up to most of you peoples' expectations/standards. Expire the grace period without a fix and we're hosed!!For all you "you should upgrade your machine" types, in this crushing economy I am fortunate to have a job and be able to pay rent and food. Comp type: Lenovo (thinkpad) T60.having same problem.i have the settings to high or mid in graphics i crash to a hard boot.low i get hung up on the loading bar thing..i have a AMD Athlon 64 3800 NVIDIA Ge Force 6200 Turbo Cache Temporary work around... Message disappears when I hit escape, but then client locks up. That's what I was assuming but since others with better cards are having same issues...(Windows XP, processor AMD Athlon 64 XP Dual-core 5200)Temporary work around...After a few tries and fiddling with graphics settings, I managed to get t the character itself, but after adjusting a few traits, same thing happened: window closing, re-opening, back to login menu. Just saying that I can replicate the issue on the laptop. can log into the game just fine, but character creator hangs on load bar.if i alt tab in and out, i just get a black screen, the game menu doesn't show up if i hit esc.

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A workaround I use, and have used since Sisi is as follows: Hit ESC and bring up the options screen.

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