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What he uncovers is a complex tangle of emotions that threaten to unravel everything he thought he understood about himself and his old friend.Lavi meets this charming sweet talker at a book store during his visit home and ends up being sweet talk into bed.How long, through physical and mental torture, does it take the mind to break? Slight guro Gilbert is a criminal wanted by the police. Russ Pru After falling into a mystical lake, Sanji Zoro and Luffy are changed into Toddlers. By taking Riku's hand, Sora alters their destinies, and Riku takes his rightful place as the keyblade master. With the help of her friends, both old and new, she vows to get to the bottom of his behavior... Narumitsu Phoenix/Edgeworth When Tamaki was little and still lived in France with his mother, he was taken advantage of by one of his mother's close friends. Due to an accident, America has reverted back into his younger state temporarily. They spend nights together, and their relationship progresses.With the monster trio out of action, how will the straw hats cope? Now as Riku plays between his duty as a hero and his own confused judgment, Sora tries to suppress the darkness within both of them. Kanda's eyes went perfectly round for a moment, his hand loose. What if the man suddenly shows up at Ouran as a new teacher? All the other countries see it as an opportunity to take over America. But what happens when Balthier cuts it off from fear? Kool-Aid is spat onto the computer screen and nothing is sacred... XDRiku tries to help Tidus out of an arranged marriage.

Yaoi Ryou is not the kind, innocent boy that he often appears to be, and Mariku is forced to learn this the hard way. Funny that beneath his child-like cruelty and demeanor, Gilbert finds a heart of gold and even darker past than his own.

The day after he's back at school and he’s trying to forget about it, to only find out that sweet talker turns out to be his new teacher.

Phoenix has been kidnapped by a madman who has a score to settle with Edgeworth.

/post timeskip/ Sound Village mind f***ery/Errr This is a fic that is in response to an LJ challenge, blood and sex. England's eyes were heavily lidded and his breath smelled of bitter pale ale and slightly burnt scones, which would probably be just about the most unattractive combination in the world to anyone but America. At times they bit back and caused so much pain - but among them, there might perhaps be one dangerous enough to protect him and shelter him from the rain. Haru is a vampire who is bored of his sheltered life. Are their meetings nothing more than chance or is their something a little more powerful behind it? He had always lied all his life and had no intention to change. Immune to a suspicious parasite by merit of their manly looks, Xaldin, Vexen and Lexaeus set out on a journey to save the rest of Organization XIII from the biggest nightmare of all: stupid fanfiction. Ludwig's father begins to pressure him about his choice of women, and the prince decides to lash out in a very confusing way. Shitox Chika, Chikax Shiba Roxas was pretty sure that he would rather subject himself to spontaneous combustion than to deal with the absurdity that came hand in hand with going to a public high school. It felt as if he'd become an entirely different man. Once, their relationship was that of two working partners. Well this is the right one a Sanji XZoro with Zoro as uke! Picture Axel traveling around the worlds to find a soul mate in order to quench his desire for companionship and to prove to Larxene that he is not gay. Nelo Angelo fights Dante and the results are a bit different than what he expected, but Vergil's regrets are Dante's sorrow and the brother's bond is stronger than blood. Leon finds himself overly obsessed with Sora, but there was one person stopping him from having the one thing he wanted... Reno and Cloud must learn to work together to decipher their dreams before it’s too late!

Had to do an AU based on concept "What if Ban met Akabane before he met Ginji." Supposed to be a 1shot but can be motivated to continue IF enough R&R after I finish my others. CHANGED TITLE Since he was 14, he had always adored female Hip Hop idol Sasuke Uchiha. But a chance encounter may change all that and maybe it was time to give in to what he truly wanted and needed. But things were never simple, and they would just get more complicated... Even the most straightforward of people will mask themselves... COMPLETED.[COMPLETE] [Horo Ren] [contains yaoi] Sequel to Demon Child. And that’s when Leon changed his target—he would teach Riku a lesson instead.

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