I Have always been very logical minded and hard working but he caught me where I was low and hurting and alone and he won. If they need money then they don't love you and they sure aren't going to be here for you even though they swear they will to help you through your difficult life and pay it all back. In his profile on Tinder he is from LA, went to UCLA. Oil rig contractor works on an oil rig off Scotland In charge of Machines. July 31, 2019 he wanted 0.00 and I told him I didn't have any. I think we have been talking to the same man except mine says his name is Mark Dennis. Wanted me to accept cash from a company he had worked for on a credit card. Met him on POF and he moved on to Whatsapp and then Hangouts. Says he’s from San Diego and heading up an oil rig owned by the Russians. Then said there was a fire on the rig - even sent a video! He had 17K in his account but needed 1K to get off the rig and come to her and marry her. He calls her while she is at the airport waiting for James Wilkerson. Dennis sends pictures of a very handsome guy of one with glasses and very nicely dressed. He keeps wanting me to get the card because they are holding his funds and his crews pay when nobody else's has been held. If I accept an invitation to play from them, I always check how long they've been playing the game. Another thing to watch for -- they use two first names as their full name. Now dont get me wrong, in not condoning what these people are doing by any means but they didnt hold a gun to your head so you are culpable in this and must accept most of the responsibility for what happened and i say people cause you ladies keep saying him. It could have been a woman and hell it makes more sense cause who else could tell a woman what she wants to hear to give up the checkbook besides another woman. Claimed he was in Togo Africa working on a bridge but had done an oil rig in Dubai. Phone number is 2 which was a land line in San Jose Cailf. It’s one excuse after another, believe me, I had one in London, he came up with more excuses than I thought possible not to come home. We need to shut these pieces of garbage down, everywhere. I get a lot of scammers on words with friends and a dating site. I have experienced the small story with Thomas W Anderson on Zoosk dating site. This one asked for a friend request on facebook and of course accepted. Claims he is a oil rig supervisor and works in the gulf. He’s resisted but now feeds me (no doubt fake) information. Bottom line "if it’s too good to be true then it’s probably too good to be true". He wanted to know why I left him in his hour of need. He thought I loved him (which I never said) and that I was heartless. He told me he was a 27 year old Nigerian man who couldn’t get a job and needed money to pay a dowery to get married. Michael Lee 39 years old [email protected] scam, I already reported him already there as well. [email protected] also told him if he ever contacted me again I would make his life hell and I'm armed and know how to use it. They all had a kid that needed cards/money and one was stuck on a rig and couldn't get off unless i sent 1650.00$.As he starts initiating conversation you find out that he's German and came to the States when his dad died (dad was in German military), work as an oil rig engineer in the Carpinteria Offshore Oil Field in the Santa Barbara Channel in Southern California. He is 54, white modern crop of hair, works on the rig off Carpinteria and does pretty passable German impersonation. Has been after me for 3 months for money to send to his daughter in Ghana. He is on an oil rig in Norway and wants a Steam card so he can talk to me on the phone. Structural Engineer, claims to be from Auckland New Zealand. Claims bank account was hacked and he can't pay a supplier now and "his life is miserable and he can't get home". Ladies, no use asking have you ever heard of so so or had any contact with so and so. Birthday coming up and wants to know what I am getting him. Sent a picture of a kid that was clearly taken off the Internet. Said he couldn’t use his credit because he was on a Russian rig and it looked suspicious to the bank. I blocked his number it was a 330 area code so now the unknown calls come in the middle of the night. He calls and wants to talk to her in flight until they embrace. Please send him 0, ok get ready for it, in the form of an ITUNES CARD! Please leave that to men who are seeking you, local and loving. He also sends one with his eyes closed and he's sleeping. He doesn't understand I live on one set income and cannot spend extra money like that. We met on WWF and started chatting then he asked me to download hangouts so we could continue our chat there to get to know me better. Examples: Mark David, Paul Russell, Stephen Kent, Michael Bradley, Terry John, etc. It’s believable at first, and you feel sorry for them until you realize what this POS is doing. He shows pics with grandchildren that are very nice, lots of fun and says he owns an offshore drilling company but when you email the company they dont exist. Ladies please check first especially reverse image search cause usually they photoshop them. Go with your guts not your heart and no he didn't win either I to have tried to be conned by John Seth Hlavin. He recognized that I’m very smart so he started teasing me that I’m his teacher. ED: you can post pictures when you start a new submission [but not when you are adding a comment to an existing submission] - use the page below and you can see photos there and you can also post your own story and photos there: https:// slime ball sent a friend request a few days ago. All pics and info of Marco have been deleted and replaced with Marc Crannley, South Africa, Navy Intelligence Specialist. I was immediately blocked 😂😂https:// I had one that worked in Alaska and had to use his kindle to communicate because they were not allowed to use cell phones. I was very suspicious of his feelings for me so quickly with a long testimony about the type of man he was he said his name was Gerald but no last name. I responded to him that he was the heartless person because for 2 months everything he said was a lie. True or not, I doubt, but more importantly Jake Emrick does not exist. He was a very sincere hardworking guy who makes a lot of money in Dallas, TX. I have a friend that has been contacted by someone named Ryan Alexander Thomas or Thompson. Said he is overseas on a rig and supposed to be finishing up a contract for drilling. One asked me to send him ,000 cause he was stuck in Turkey trying to buy equipment for the rig. The names given were Sorensen Robert Jay, Michael Allen, Michael Walker, Scott Phillips & Mark Ben.The following pictures are two of the five photographs from Tinder and they produced: Mark Williams on Linked In has one of his pictures, but zero connections and lists Ghana as place of work: https:// I was a fool and lost over 0,000 to Nicolas Aleksandra. He is a 64 year old widower with 2 kids, swore he loved me and he sent me videos of love songs and then the the other shoe dropped as he needed 0 for an i Tunes card, and then I knew it was too good to be true. Asked me to go to hangout (never used this before) but I was not taken in. He said he didn’t have access to his account and needed help which I helped him again!!!! His name is Paul Alfons and he claims his contract is up in October of this year and he wants to marry me. Prepostseois a good site to find info from and both Google and yandex is Russia. If I need help I leave Gmail here ill do what i can. For those of you who have not blocked, screamed at and rejected the scammers, I will tell you what I did to find the man who was in the pictures I was sent. Admin got fooled by his fake online information that was very well set up like me. He accuses me of not trusting him & shedding tears because he loves me, etc but so far, he’s keeping this game up. But, non the less at least I can clear my mind as I know who he is. When you get a friend request check out and read any and all information. He asked me a couple of questions such as"How much money I make""How many rooms I have""Have I got married before"The reason why I found him was that it was something fishy about him. Looks like he used to have a daughter because parts says 'she'.trk=org-employees_mini-profile_title(at least the title matches)Rick Dancer: The other one is someone from Oregon whom look like a public figure, Rick Dancer: https:// Realwith Rick Dancer/Rondon Brooks: And yet another one from "the rig" is in endless follower feeds for all sorts of women from all over the globe: https:// if it feels off, it's because it is. So this guy has been talking to me for the past month like everyone else telling me what I want to hear as my marriage has broken up. Once I caught on, he immediately stopped communicating with me. Sounds like the one I been talking to for about 8 weeks. Fell head over heels in love with me in a few days. Who could think I’m the one to be taken with a few images. His 14 year old son is in boarding school in Texas and he’s on a 5 year contract on an oil rig in China. Uses his gratitude to God for bringing her into his life. A few days ago he said that he wanted to come to meet me but he needed me to help him apply for his vacation and that he asked me to email the Barrier?? He goes by other names and has several Facebook accounts with the same pictures of where he works. If pics are stolen i can figure it out fromsearching yandex. I did not originally accuse him of being a scammer. Luckily, l'm aware of the scam so, I didn't give money to anyone. I think it started out with me talking to several guys but I didn’t realize it then and one has become intrigued or is possibly learning from me so he can scam better because we’ve been chatting for over a year & he calls a lot, we laugh, he likes my sarcastic wit, he enjoys me singing to him, we talk about various topics - it’s weird but it’s hard to break off. So ladies, you may not do what I did but persevere. So I looked into the names on facebook but he didn’t exist at all while my name appeared first line. If you wanna avoid such incidents, you must insist on him that you wanna talk to him via facetime or skype. Now that he has a son, he forgot to change all the pronouns.

But when I checked out the bank info that he gave me, it was very suspicious. Why would he even be doing this and not asking for any money, and sending me gifts? I have been lied to way too much by way too many people. So then the next day he needs me to send him to get one because he needs to eat. It's fine but he keeps asking and I keep telling him I don't have it and then that he met a girl that was poor with no money which is true but I'm just a simple girl.

I'm still telling him I have no intentions of sending him any money whatsoever but he still is telling me can you help me please and can I get a job to help him for just the week so he can come home. He comes off really strong, hypes you up but he's fake and you can smell it from a mile away.

At this point I'm thinking okay yes it's a scam but I'm letting it ride just to see where it goes.

I'm going to let it ride till I decide that I no longer want to talk to him. His words were so sweet - and typical story, widow, 14 yr old son in boarding school, working on a rig off the Netherlands (paleeeeze!! The last one tried to impress me with his wealth, his ‘yacht’, and his sad life of loneliness. I’ve widowed twice and don’t want to be spend the rest of my life alone. They say all the right things, promise to be there forever and to love you always. The walls came tumbling down when he didn’t call as he always had. He & the first guy had both been online at the same time but they weren’t talking to me. Confronting him, I said I knew he was not the man he had said, wished him well, and broke communication with him. He's from the states (Illinois) and work in Kuwait on a rig. I got as much as his favorite foods, color, widowed and a daughter named Jane. Of course, you see a oil rig in the background of his pic. He started telling me he was in love, asked if I would talk on Google Hangouts.

Red flags everywhere but he keeps saying what am I insinuating that he's a scammer and that I'm insulting him. He's a good catholic that only has sex when in a relationship. I wrote "Goodnight" in Flemish and he didn't understand. I was very cautious and didn't give him too much information as I wanted to play it cool at first but I just decided to report and block Originally contacted on FB and then asked to go to Google Hangouts (which I did). Yes this girl has learned the hard way, not happening again.

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