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Meeting interesting people has the potential to link you with a friend you will know for life, to connect you with a romantic partner you have been dreaming of sharing your life with and to bring true love into your life.

Perhaps it's not such a dense dinner, but for the same amount of calories, you won’t be feeling hungry for the next two hours!

Here’s the truth: replacing real food with a "sports alternative" doesn’t do anything for you.

Okay, you've eaten a protein bar and did not feel it, even though almost 350 calories fell into your stomach.

Instead, try a medium sized sandwich with turkey, avocado and vegetables, plus a glass of fresh juice and crackers.

And, if you want to reduce weight, you need to have a deficit.

In order to stay in shape, you need to burn off as many calories as you take in.Calories are reduced, metabolism slows down, there is a desire to eat more, and your mood turns sour and you’re constantly angry.Here’s the truth behind the myth: During a training session, your body needs a lot of energy, and the source of that is glucose.But then time goes by, and the fat does not want to leave, and we get disappointed. At first everyone is excited to try their diet and exercise routine, going at it with all their energy and all their focus.As a result training becomes more and more complicated as we try to reach a seemingly unattainable goal... But then time goes by, and the fat does not want to leave, and we get disappointed.

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  1. I’ve enjoyed the increased independence I’ve had—I’ve learned more about myself, more thoroughly enjoyed my time as a single woman and even wanted a relationship less.