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You may ask anyone in the room about it as its a hot topic for now.

The chat rooms are where you can go to have your characters interact with others in real time, with no delay, and no refresh necessary. How To Play Interactive storytelling or role playing in a chat room is the same as in any of the other features of the site. Literary Style Walks into a room, “Hello everyone.” The Red Sun Inn This is the name of the main chat that is used on Role Pages.

There’s a popular saying that a picture says thousand words, we are just justifying it.

You can also paste youtube video links in chat and they will convert into playable videos [BETA].

Real life roleplay: In a real life roleplay, you use yourself as your character.

Players imagine the real life in the chat room and textually describe activities, environment and situations.

There are thousands of planets and human like creatures.

Some of them are much more mightier, fierce and intelligent than we are.

I would even show you a picture of some of them but for that I would have to keep you waiting until scientists on our planet finish their brain image extraction devices.

Anime roleplay: This is another popular roleplay in which you play the character from an anime.

You are free to alter their personalities and habits while roleplaying.

Actually, the planets & creatures I am talking about have their origin and existence within the creative brains of yours and mine.

Would you mind sharing your bony, scaly or horny(literally I mean with horns on head) character with the world?

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