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"Get those big titties all lubed up and jack me off with them.

I want to see my dick slide between your tits." "Yes, master!

"Then you need to come up with some orders, sir." "All right. I was actually enjoying it so much I started to drift away into glorious sleep. Had I been a few minutes further on I might not have noticed that she wasn't using her hands anymore.

I perked up when I recognized her heavy breasts sliding over my back.

I went first to get the ball rolling, and that night was fairly successful.

OK, so I did a lot of that, but I did hold down a steady relationship for two years with a pretty little thing named Gina.

Gina's first night involved a set of instructions on cards and contained a not-so-secret message for her final command. I think in the end it turned out well, but I sure wouldn't have predicted it that way. "You better believe it." In a flash we were both naked and I went belly down on my enormous throw pillow on the floor.

I had some ideas and plans but an unfortunate series of events including tests, forgotten homework, detailed labs, a group project and an emergency trip home (a two hour drive each way on a Tuesday night) to say good bye to my 15 year old dog Lucky pretty well torpedoed my creativity and libido. The thing was four feet to an edge and more of a piece of furniture than a pillow. Gina fished the big bottle of massage oil out of my desk and popped it open as she settled down to sit on my butt.

She let the hermaphrodite musings behind and got back to work.

She started rocking her hips and grinding her clit against the base of my cock in time with her jacking hand. What had started as a slow, relaxing massage had quickly turned much more active. I grabbed for the bottle of oil and handed it to her.

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