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We are told in thefe Divinely infpired Writings, that the£rft Source of this Oppo Gtion that the true Religion meets with in the World, flows originally from Satan , that inveterate Enemy of GOD's Glory and Man's Happinefs; Who having himfelf left his Original St ate of Obedience to, and Enjoy- ment of GOD his Creator, hath no other Levamen of his inevitable Miferies, but to draw the Race of Mankind into the like Ruin, w Usfc is the only Satisfaction , that malicious Spirit is capable o£ This reft- lefs Adverfary perceiving v That through the Grace and Love of GOD manifefted in CHRIST, a great Number of thele, whom he* thought he had fecured to his Slavery, are redeemed, and called by the Gofpel out of that intolerable Servitude, into a Glorious Liberty, and fecured by Faith to Salvation*, Labours by two great Engines of Open Force and Secret Fraud , to keep them in or regain them to his Obedience ^ Hence the facred Scriptures defcribe him, both as a Dragon for Cruelty, and a Serptnt for Subtilty : But becaufe he either cannot, or thinks not fit to do this vifibly in Perfon * 7 therefore he does it more invifibly, and fomore fuccesfully by his Agents, in whom he works, who, becaufe of their Unreafonable Unbelief, are called Children of Imperfuafion : Thefe he A&s and Animates, as it were fo many Machins, to endeavour by Crafty Seduction, or Violent Tcrfecution, to draw, or drive the Fo/lcmers «/ the Lamb from their Subjection, Obedience and Ltyalty to the Cap* tain of their Solvation, that he may drown them in Perdition and De- Hru Ftior.. This is the Grand De» fign to which they'- tend, to root out the OW/w« of Faith of the Worlci, and deprive the Son of GOD of his rightful Dominion over his Subjects , whom he has chofen, redeemed and fan&ified for himfelf. ealed bv the Ever-fefcfled JEHOVAH, in the Face or Perfon of JESVS CHRIST, for the Recovery of loit Manking into a S;ate of Favmr and Reconcilement with Himfelf, is fo excellently ordered in the Counfels of Infinite Wifdom, and exactly adjufted to the Real Delight, Contentment and Happinefs of the Rational World :, that it might juftly be wondered, why fo many Aden in all Ages, otherwife of good Intellectuals, have not only had a fecret Difguft thereat themfeives, but laboured to rob others of the Comfort and Benefit of it, and make the World a Chaos of Confufion by Per(ecutio-§ raifed again ft it •, Had not the Holy Spirit in the Script tures laid open the hidden Springs of this Malice and Enmity, which exerts it's felf in ,fo many of the Children of Men.Scfiion of the fame firft Parliament, They wlert, That the ordering and Difpofai of ths External Government, and Polity of this Church, doth properly belong unto his Ma- jts Jy, as an inherent Right of the Crown, by Vertue of Hss Royal Prerogative and Supremacy in Caujes Ecclefiaftial, And upon this bottom, he with Advice and Con fen t of the-Eitates of Parliament, fets up the Epifcopal form of Church Government, thejurfdiftion of Bifhops and Arch-Bifhops over the Infen'ou-r Clergy, with their Concomitant of Patronage?

For as this was ftiil the Principal Queftion put to them I own ye the Kings Authority I J and the chief Article of their Indictment if they either anfwered in the Negative or kept filence j So 'Ci S'evident that by this Queftion they really meant not to his Civil Authority only, but alfo his pretended Claim to Supreme Headftip *ver the Church.

that the League, and Qovinant is not oblige - tere The Preface to ths Reader V torie upon this Kingdom, nor doth infer any Obligation on the^ubyefcs thereof, to meddle or interna fe in any thing concerning the Religion And Government of the Churches cf England and Ireland \ a^d ail the Subjetls are dif charged to Renew the fame, as they will answer at their highe& peril.

And in tht Oath of Allegiance and Acknowledgement of his Ma- jetties Ro\al Prerogative, Statute by the Eleventh Aft of the faid Parlia- ment, all Perlons of whatfoever Tru ft, Poft, Office or Irnpioyraent are obliged ro to zm, That they acknowledge the King only Supreme Gover nor of this Kindom, over all Pcrjons and in all Caujes.

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