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If you do, he’ll fall for another girl he might have just met. So what I’m getting at here is you need to trigger the thrill of the hunt he wants to feel.

That’s what separates the perpetual friend and the girl he can’t stop thinking about.

Not only will you free yourself from a possible case of tunnel vision in his eyes, you’ll also be a heck of a lot less needy.In a lot of ways, it’s even more painful than actually breaking up with a guy.After all, obsessing over a relationship that If you play your cards right and approach your guy in a certain way, you may just have a chance of breaking free from the Friend Zone. Read on…The truth about the Friend Zone is that it’s NOT an emotional place that someone deliberately puts another person in.But how do you introduce sexual intrigue without pushing him away?That brings us to the next step…The problem with being friends too long with a guy is that once that familiarity sets in, he’ll start to .

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