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Kaywoodie has been heartened by the recent resurgence in the pipe market and is now targeting its pipes towards lawyers and politicians, a demographic which is fitting enough for this quality brand.Looking forward to the New Year, I anticipate to be able to post more often than in the past.Kaywoodie pipes focus on offering its users a high quality pipe, which is affordable to the average pipe smoker.All Kaywoodie pipes vary to some degree as they have various features such as paper filters, screw mounted metal filaments, aluminum scoops and plain push bits, which cater to every taste of the different consumers. Maybe I just associate the English with high quality luxury items (Rolls Royce, Bentley, Burberry)? I think maybe there is an association I’ve developed between the country of England, and the act of pipe smoking. Or just the stereotypical image of a tweed-jacketed old Englishman reading and smoking a pipe in his cozy study?

Within half a century briars became more popular, and the French company became an English one.It smokes extremely well, although the bent shape is prone to gurgling if you’re a wet smoker (I’m in recovery). What a pleasure it is to hold, and behold, and to smoke.Further, the thin chamber walls get hot quickly, so a slow cadence is the preferred here. In fact, I had to know more about it (why the hell did Smoking mention it was “pre-1980”?In any case, I absolutely I love the cross cut grain pattern and that dark walnut stain on this old, dense briar.It’s also feather-light and compact; useful as a hanger and/or pocket pipe. I’m not sure if smoking made me feel like Sherlock Holmes or an old professor, but I can say that this is one fine English pipe.

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