German dating etiquette jewish and single and manhattan and speed dating

Pollution in the Baltic Sea from raw sewage and industrial effluents from rivers in Eastern Germany, along with hazardous waste disposal remain environmental problems for Germany.In 2000, the government established a mechanism for ending the use of nuclear power over the next 15 years.

Business is viewed as being very serious, and Germans do not appreciate humour in a business context.

In addition, counterparts do not need or expect to be complimented.

Work and personal lives are rigidly divided, and Germans subscribe to the ideal that there is a proper time and place for every activity.

Rules and regulations allow people to know what is expected so that they can plan their lives accordingly.

Germans believe that maintaining clear lines of demarcation between people, places, and things is the surest way to lead a structured and ordered life.

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Germans are extremely punctual, and even a few minutes delay can offend.

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