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He could be really busy or just a little insecure and may want some reassurance.If you like him, I would say reach out to him a bit but don’t pressure him to commit or talk about his feelings toward you at this point.It could be that he's not really after a relationship, but after making a new friend.This is especially common if he had to move to a new city to attend college or school, to a place where he doesn't know anybody.

Distance makes the heart grow fonder, so get out of his way for a while, but make sure he knows you do want to spend more time with him - a Facebook message or an SMS will do.He got a console as a birthday gift and is spending a lot of time playing. Try to figure out why he's been too busy to see you without confronting him about it.He just may have too much on his plate to dedicate time to you, although gaming is not really that much of an excuse. You can ask his friends, or think about things he said to you the past few weeks - was he scheduled for a job interview?Well, if you want to figure out how to read a guy's mixed signals, first thing you need to do is look at things from his perspective and remember that we are all different, even when we want to be close to someone.I've got examples of some of the most common reasons as to why would a guy send mixed signals and how he looks at it, plus a bit about what you can do in a situation like that. We've all been there - we have spent a lot of time with someone we like, but he stopped calling back for a few days, or he seems like he has lost interest all of a sudden, or he adamantly refuses to be called a boyfriend and come meet the family.

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What I bet is happening is that he wants you to reach out to him, initiate contact, etc.

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