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Apparently, said user – who is employed in the IT arena – contacted The Guardian newspaper regarding the incident last November, and received a reply confirming the data leak late last month.A spokeswoman for the Soulmates site told the Beeb that only email addresses and user IDs had actually been exposed, but that this information allowed malicious parties to dig up further details on members by finding and combing through their online profiles (which are public).It will bring to mind Jacob Rees-Mogg filibustering in the Commons."…Try Guardian Soulmates for a different #onlinedating experience.You’ll find people looking for a meaningful connection.

Last year, Soulmates was supported by a print and online advertising campaign by Forty6 Design.We've teamed up with Jean Smith of @flirtology and @guardianclasses for an event to help you identify and engage with the right partner.Join us on October 9th - find out more here:…I won't be going back on it, however I won't be going back on online dating full stop.Guardian Soulmates is a dating site run by the Guardian newspaper.

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