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I have tried few of the most famous online dating apps and they did not appeal to me. That really intrigued me into seeing how this works.

You’d register, answer tens of questions about yourself, then they’d show you some matches with blurred photos, telling you that they have something like 95% compatibility with you.

Once you have those credits in your account then you can use it according to your wishes.

You can send messages but you still would have to pay again if you want to send something special like in-website cards, gifts and special emojis.

You ever have that feeling after your exams end up, where you are just hoping for something to happen to keep you occupied.

I mean during your exams you are super busy for two weeks or so and then suddenly you have nothing to do and are officially allowed to just chill. Being single and nothing to do, I very frequently find myself browsing through online dating websites.

So, there I was browsing through one of these, where they asked me to make a premium account, i.e.

to pay a certain amount of money to be able to communicate with other users on the website.

I kept forwarding the packets one after the another to check if the change that I made was reversed back to its original value or did it remain the same.I activated Charles SSL Proxy, and installed Charles SSL certificate on my i Phone but that just didn’t work, and the app could not connect anymore.Seems that they did a good job here in knowing that I am not using the proper SSL certificates and that I am performing a man in the middle attack.If you enjoyed it please do clap & let’s collaborate. I am not a fan of online dating, nor do I have any online dating apps installed on my devices.

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Tonight while working on my startup Developer — A service to create your own beautiful product documentation, API reference, user guides in hosted developer hubs (portals) — I got a message from someone with 100% compatibility as the dating website claims, so I was highly intrigued to know who she was.

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