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The warehouse is in immaculate condition, with only 1 chip that I found after going through everything. This one has some of the serving pieces and is only 5 place settings. It is one that you obviously would not use and it looks to have been hand-painted and has the crackle effect.

The piece we have is a tea pitcher that looks like a baseball. It was made in 1937 and the pattern was discontinued sometime in 1942. They will pay much less than retail, but are an excellent service to deal with.Over the years we have searched for any information or value, and have came up with nothing. Laughlin has made a lot of different sets and series but I have never heard of them making such a small number before. e Bay has several thousand Homer Laughlin pieces listed and if you insert your pattern name, you may find some pieces for sale.We did find out it was originally a three piece set, but we only have the one piece. I have never known HL to make limited editions like you describe so I want to learn more. Someone may have been able to provide more information if you provide pictures of the teapot and the markings on the bottom. I would estimate they are approximately 25 years old. I got the dates through a code that is on the plates, but other than that I don't know anything else. Replacements, LTD has a lot of pieces listed but the same here - insert your pattern name to see actual sale prices (if pieces are available).I did a Google search from the stamp on the back of all the dishes. Can anyone tell me if these dishes are worth anything and if so about how much. I have:1 - platter7 - plates4 - salad bowls5 - little bowl4 - little plates8 - little bit bigger plates1 - cup1 - thing to pour with1 - container with a lid I inherited my grandmother's Homer Laughlin (HLC) dinnerware, that was bought as a gift for her in 1952 by my father who worked at HLC making the color that goes on the dishes. I sold a bunch of another HL pattern there a few years ago and was very pleased!"Eggshell Nautilus USA D51N5" When I typed this in for a Google search it was the wrong pattern. I have 10 full place settings, with all the bowls and plates, the teapot, creamer, sugar bowl, several casseroles, several platters, serving bowls, and 10 cup and saucer sets. They are beautiful, the Lady Stratford pattern, with 24k gold, and roses. Why dont you follow this link for the length of the auction? I am wanting to know the age or approximately the age and the value of a Homer Laughlin piece.

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It may take a bunch of boxes..it is the easiest way to ship on your own. I have a box of Homer Laughlin china, the cameo pattern (green) and I'm wondering if I should donate it or if it might be worth something. If you go to their site and follow their directions, they will send you a bid sheet and let you know if they will buy them.

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