Hottest dating show moments

There was the time "her ass got hungry" and ate pie from The Rock.

She was forced into a pool of chocolate pudding to battle new women's champion The Kat for the title.Those fans wanted as much to be turned on by the exploits of their favorite sexy, barely clothed Divas as they did the wild and chaotic action that unfolded elsewhere on the show.Over the course of a decade, women such as Trish Stratus, Lita, Sable, Sunny, Christy Hemme and Stacy Keibler provided fans with exactly what they wanted.Worse yet was that she was ill-prepared for the bout and was ordered by Stephanie Mc Mahon-Helmsley to compete in he bra and panties.The two competitors rolled around in the chocolaty dessert until X-Pac interfered and brought down the sexy level significantly. The Kat won the match, retaining her title, while WWE proved there is nothing quite sexier than two smoking hot women getting messy in foreign substances. The 2004 Diva Search, the first in WWE history, featured a number of young women who ultimately signed with the company and went on to experience success but it was Christy Hemme, from day one, who understood the tone of the competition and the way to get the fans to support her throughout.

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