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You had to push your plans for the night back by 30 minutes? ), and you can rest assured knowing she's not sitting around waiting to pounce on the opportunity to rant about how inconsiderate you are.

Equally important: She also won't try to make you feel guilty for things she's not even that upset about.

Pretending to feel hurt about something could not be further down on her list of favorite things to do in a relationship.

She isn't going to search for reasons to “call you out” or blow something out of proportion so she can accuse you of lying to her.

Of course she loves to spend time with you, but she won't try to make you feel like it's wrong to even think about leaving your house if your plans don't involve her.

This girl has her relationship and life priorities in order, so instead of messing with you, she's spending time pursuing her dreams, going to new restaurants with you and looking for simple ways to save money at the grocery store.

When you spend your time productively, it's kind of hard to find any extra to spend on conniving little schemes to “stay in control” of the relationship.

In turn, not only will she remain honest and upfront with you about everything, she will avoid situations that would ever make her feel like she couldn't tell you the whole truth.

She would rather the two of you build confidence in your loyalty to one another and let you be your own person than sit around in her striped shirt waiting to blow the whistle on non-drama.

To everyone struggling with dating: quit worrying about shit you cannot control.

I'm starting to figure out why dating isn't working for OP based on her responses.

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