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Please do not hesitate to contact me; I’m ready to answer all your questions. ONE MORE HAPPY COUPLE AND OFFICIALLY REGISTERED MARRIAGE IN ANNABEL AGENCY IN AUGUST 2019!!!A few days ago we were pleased to receive these nice photos with sincere and full of happiness smiles of our super-positive just-married couple.The OED defines a mummy as "the body of a human being or animal enbalmed (according to the ancient Egyptian or some analogous method) as a preparation for burial", citing sources from 1615 onwards, later than the first uses of other senses that include ground up mummy used as "a medicinal preparation", which dates to c.

The first evidence of intentional mummification in Egypt dates to 3500 B.

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It took only half a year for both of them to understand that their hearts are beating in unison.

When we get such photos, we understand who we are and what mission are doing, we’re happy to connect lonely hearts, and to see how people love each other – is the best reward for our work.

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