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Have you guys ever found a woman with whom you could have an intellectual conversion without her getting emotional; who had the necessary calmness, demeanor, and humbleness? My great grandmother was like that, and my mother to a lesser extent.

I think it's crucial for anything long term that she can at least keep up intellectually.

Then she suggested we should be in an open relationship.

Women with these two attributes don't last very long in the dating marketplace.

I know only one thing that never dies: the reputation of the one who's died.

Tell them too much, they wouldn't understand; tell them what they know, they would yawn.

I've mixed with many girls with IQs in the 130s at school.

Whether they're going on to study Medicine at Oxford or Maths and Philosophy at other elite universities, most couldn't apply basic logic to most situations and one didn't know the current PM of the UK or who Robert Mugabe was.

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