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As the reader analyzes the subject, it will probably become evident that man`s law changes, depending on the individuals who currently rule and make the laws. It is the proven standard, the rulebook by which nations, a people, withstand the elements of time.

In the founding of America, the Bible was the primary document by which civil laws originated.

God having made a promise to them of a New Jer, by Pastor Peter Peters, deceased, Scriptures for America, an online audio, a summary on this subject.This is the crux of the issue Bob Jones University faces today.In this essay on interracial marriage, we need to differentiate between man`s law and God`s Law.We have been given a written account of God`s direction, His Laws.If we follow its teachings, our nation and family will prosper morally, spiritually, and financially, as did the early Americans.

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In 721BC, the northern ten tribes in the nation of Israel, and most of the two tribes of the nation of Judah, were conquered and relocated south of the Black Sea.

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