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Over the past decades, interracial marriage has been on the rise and has predominantly become popular among recent generations.Interracial marriages, despites the challenges it faced in the early centuries due to slavery and racial segregations is now common across many cultures.[tags: Marriage, Miscegenation, Interracial marriage] - Interracial marriage compared to traditional marriage How do Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, Heidi Klum and Seal, and Eva Mendea and Ryna Gosling all relate. Today millions of families across the world are united in race and ethnic groups; however, problems still seem to be a constant within interracial marriages..Some examples include how people don 't approve of interracial marriages, and how critics assume traditional marriage is the only kind of “holy” marriage....It is so unique that it has made each and everyone one of us unique as well.

Whether racism originates from family, community, religious beliefs or friends the tension it creates- destroys.

Martin Luther King brought about some much needed changes.

We, as a nation have come a long way, since that time. [tags: Interracial, Marriage, Racism] - In each generation, it seems as if there is always a very controversial issue.

According to Interracial Relationships: A Rundown of Issues the Supreme Court, “Ruled in 1967 that anti-miscegenation laws violated the Equal Protection Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment” (Nittle).

Therefore society’s views have changed about interracial relationships.

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