Intimidating a police officer dating a young widow

The 66-year-old had denied any attempt to intimidate the constable, who was expected to object to a licensing process linked to West.

Belfast Magistrates Court heard the email he sent to the policeman in December 2012 "slurred his character".

This act makes it illegal for anyone acting under the color or authority of state law to deprive someone of his or her rights, privileges or immunities under the Constitution or federal law.

In racial profiling harassment cases, your lawyer can obtain applicable records and data to demonstrate that your city or town followed a systematic policy of violating the rights of minorities.

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Intimidation or harassment is a personalised form of anti-social behaviour, specifically aimed at particular individuals.

People experience repeated incidents and problems of intimidation and harassment day after day.

In court yesterday District Judge Ken Nixon imposed a six-month jail sentence.

This may be through an injunction or an interim ASBO (which may be obtained without notice to the defendant in Scotland and Northern Ireland) or a Community Protection Notice (in England and Wales) and can provide immediate relief and raise confidence in the ability of local agencies to tackle this sort of anti-social behaviour.

Anti-social behaviour orders and injunctions and Community Protection Notices are available to protect people from behaviour causing harassment, alarm or distress.

Police harassment is an abuse of an officer’s authority by continually or arbitrarily stopping someone, aggressively questioning him or her, or by conducting an unwarranted or illegal search and seizure.

The harassment is commonly an attempt to coerce someone into admitting complicity in a crime, or by threatening or intimidating a person to obtain information.

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