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However, it set the foundation for Perry’s characters throughout his later productions.

(I want to list some of the movies that I’m speaking about for the sake of making a larger reference point: “Why Did I Get Married? Without fail, if a Tyler Perry movie was released, he was going to make his money back in box office sales that was spent on production, and usually with profit.

Oprah’s success model, as she noted herself, changed when she saw the tide of daytime talk show moving away from the Morton Downey, Phil Donahue and Jerry Springer model of confrontation, and moving toward inspiration. The poor black girl from Kosciusko, Mississippi actually made it.

Similarly, Oprah had one of the most damning ontological charges levied against her: that she wasn’t black. And frankly, very few television shows across the board become number one solely off the viewership of black viewers; even “The Cosby Show” was made number one because the majority of viewers were white (honestly, I think “Empire” on Fox might be one of the few if not only that’s been able to do this).

It was 2004 and social media as we know it didn’t exist.

The black blogosphere was still in its gestational phases, and online dating for black folks was relegated to hook ups on Black Planet websites and college students who discovered the joys of flip phone cameras to plaster their My Space pages.

It seems that the rumor has it that Tyler Perry girlfriend has told her closest friends that they are getting married, according to one of her friends they have already looked for wedding rings and have been searching for a perfect place for their union to happen.

Although there were rumors about Tyler’s sexual orientation it appears that he is trying to fix them by creating a family.

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Tyler Perry has released a new model and actor casting call for his “The Haves and the Have Nots” season 4!

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