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Currently, with the opening of the whole genome sequences of Nile tilapia () ( thousands of genes identified are waiting for further functional assessments (3).

This environment was shared with another user equipped with another tracked racquet, allowing the two users to play each other over phone lines.In addition, disruption of Dmrt1 in XY fish resulted in increased expression and serum estradiol-17β and 11-ketotestosterone levels.On the contrary, deficiency of Foxl2 in XX fish exhibited varying degrees of oocyte degeneration and significantly decreased aromatase gene expression and serum estradiol-17β levels.In addition, the antagonistic roles of Foxl2 and Dmrt1 in sex differentiation of Nile tilapia by regulating aromatase gene (Cyp19a1a) expression and estrogen production was further confirmed in , were kept in recirculating freshwater tanks at 26°C before use.Accordingly, Dmrt1 and Foxl2 appear to be antagonistic factors in the gonad.

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