Kate hudson dating ugly guys

Then again, I also wished that fate upon myself for a while to alleviate the misery of watching these monsters.

Clearly, writer Jennie Snyder & director Luke Greenfield, who have both successfully worked in romance before this film, have talent that should carry them through their futures, but a film this unlikable was not their best step forward to that future.

A romance hasn't been this depressing since last year's ' Blue Valentine,' but at least that film succeeded because of its sad nature and didn't have to battle against it.

Obviously the movie wasn't about her, it was about Rachel, but it sends the message that it's okay to screw your best friend over as long as she's doing it too - and when does that actually happen?

Granted, no one deserves to be hurt this way for being annoying, but she's still not an enjoyable character to watch.

Maybe things would be different if Darcy and Rachel's roles were swapped, but we all know of hindsight's perfection.

Others have run into issues that have led to ugly divorces.

Nick Swisher used to be in a relationship with Danielle Gamba.

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