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There is also this grand Kolkata Book Fair, one of the world’s biggest international book fairs, that happens every year and has hundred of stalls with books from national and international publishers.There is so much going on in the city that you must surely check out upcoming Kolkata festivals and events before you head for a trip to the Eastern coast so that you make the best of it.Kolkata is the capital city of the Indian state of West Bengal and one that deeply reveres its rich cultural heritage, long preserved in artistic landmarks through the hundreds of years of political struggle.The Dakshineswar Kali Temple and the Kalighat Kali temple have been the cultural centers of the lives of the people since the 19th century and highlight the significance of spirituality in the city.While the many historical places in Kolkata and its rich cultural fabric makes the inside of the city so lively and vibrant, the nearby areas like the Santragachi Jheel and Gadiara are marked with thick natural cover and total peace.Both the sides so intrinsically complete each other that as you explore the West Bengal capital, some weekend trips from Kolkata to its nearby areas will give a holistic experience of the entire coastal region.The Victoria Memorial and Fort William are such exceptional edifices built during the colonial times that you must pay a visit.Also, the home of the highly revered Bengali poet Rabindranath Tagore, the Jorasanko Thakur Bari, is now an enormous museum in Kolkata that preserves the life and works of the poet and attracts tourists from across the country.

Kolkata music, dance and theatre have preserved this rich heritage and the city has rightly emerged as the cultural capital of India.

In fact, the greatest of all Kolkata festivals is the Durga Puja held in the honor of the Hindu goddess Durga, wherein the entire city gets painted in colors and the streets busy with festive processions.

As it has been a major trading post in the colonial era, there are many historical places in Kolkata too that are worth visiting and telling of its rich political past.

You can even attend events in Kolkata to experience the culture, art and music of the city.

There are local exhibitions and even grand festivals, one of which is the Kolkata festival that is celebrated with great enthusiasm.

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