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several collages of his cat and we’re going to go ahead and assume some sort of weird attachement to his mom.

*swipes left* These are the dudes you are now really awkwardly avoiding in the break room.

He has that generic “chilling in the pool” picture and, of course, an abs shot. This guy is pre-Tindering before he comes to the country for a business trip (or so he claims) and he really wants to get the full experience by taking a proper tour within your country’s *ahem* borders. Constant messaging, they’ll add you on every social media platform, and often start off telling you they are a certain age and magically become much older or younger as you get to know him. This is the teacher or journalist who decided to abandon his first-world luxury and come be with Arabs and do as the Arabs do… They’re broken Arabic is adorable, their sense of white privilege is slowly disintegrating and they probably know more secret tourist treasures in your country than you do.

We’ll never understand why this guy thinks that pictures of random American celebrities, Turkish soap opera stars, and teddy bears hugging a heart filled with flowers will seduce us, but it seems to be a trend. So this guy has a collage of his cat — wait no, sorry…

Here are nine types of guys you will see on Arab Tinder: These are the guys that are so ‘roided out that their biceps are bigger than their head.

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READ MORE Hello, a beautiful Sugar Mummy called Diana, 39 years old.

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