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Gawker says this means she had two letters – but who cares?

“OK, so *technically* Caitlin knew that there was no ‘R’ included (in addition to the one ‘L’ that was shown), too, but still...

He hopes he’s making something that will appeal to parents as well as kids – what the networks refer to as a “co-viewing” proposition. Still, the trick to maximising that long tail is to make sure you don’t load your show with of-the-moment references that will look dreadfully dated two in three years’ time.

Through his mother's side, Pang is a descendant to Wong Nai Siong, the Chinese revolutionary leader, Christian reformer and humanitarian who was key in the Fujian province in overthrowing the propaganda machine of the late Qing Dynasty. His big break would come in 2010, booking one of the lead roles in Australian film adaptation of the young adult dystopian novel Tomorrow, When the War Began and would star opposite Caitlin Stasey, the film was a box office success in Australia.

Despite the success of Tomorrow, he received little traction and in 2013 moved to Hollywood to further pursue his acting career.

A popular, if controversial, series of young-adult books by John Marsden reaches the screen in this plucky Australian action-adventure, about a group of friends whose camping trip coincides with a hostile military takeover.

The premise, in which they arm themselves to force the invaders out of their home town, has a lot of similarities with John Milius’s 1984 Red Dawn, although the insinuation of a communist threat comes with a degree of racial paranoia the movie can’t wholly bury.

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