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This is largely tied to the abolition of black slavery in the Caribbean colonies in 1834.

Without the promise of free labor, and a hostile working class on their hands, the Dutch colonial authorities had to find a solution – cheap Asian labor.

Much like the Chinese, the Japanese often worked as indentured servants and low wage workers for planters.

Japanese work contracts were notably more short term than those of the Chinese and the process was closely monitored by the Japanese government to dissuade abuse and foul play.

In the second half of the nineteenth century, nearly a quarter of a million Chinese migrants in Cuba worked primarily on sugar plantations.

The Chinese "coolies" who migrated to Peru took up work on the Andean Railroad or the Guano Fields.

Today, the overwhelming majority of Asian Latin Americans are of Chinese, Japanese or Korean descent.

For two and a half centuries (between 15) many Filipinos sailed on the Manila-Acapulco Galleons, assisting in the Spanish Empire's monopoly in trade.

Some of these sailors never returned to the Philippines and many of their descendants can be found in small communities around Baja California, Sonora, Mexico City, Peru and others, thus making Filipinos the oldest Asian ethnic group in Latin-America.

In certain areas, these populations assimilated into the minority populations, adding yet another definition to go on a casta.

In some areas, these new populations caused conflict.

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