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Her good for nothing kids share a moment of compassion for the woman who birthed them and ask what’s wrong, to which Lynette responds:“There’s a time when you do stuff like this, and then there’s a time when it’s just too late… You get married, you work a job, you raise kids, you get divorced, and you become the kind of person who doesn’t date.It’s who I am.”With this quote, the film brings into context a struggle that many parents face after a divorce.They’re suddenly separated from a once-critical aspect of their life and are left vulnerable to feelings of inadequacy and self-doubt.A large part of Lynette’s identity–her significant other–has been taken away, and as a result, she feels like she is too old to start over or try again.They indeed begin to develop a romantic relationship in the two- part season finale, The Date to End All Dates.Aside from being part of two different worlds, Ethan accepts Sarah just the way she is, even if it means she is a Vampire.

Lynette, on the other hand, interprets this as a proposal of commitment.“Whoa, slow down there, cowboy.” She says. I mean, I really felt like I met someone, an old friend I never thought I’d see again.”“Well that’s the depth of our connection! I mean me.”Lynette comes to realize that perhaps finding another person to love and marry isn’t as important as appreciating herself and the relationship she has with her kids.She is ready to sacrifice the potential of finding another man in order to be what she considers a fully committed mother.Over the course of the date with Dimitri the vampire, she slowly but surely comes to a realization.Dimitri’s plans are, of course, to transform Lynette into his vampire queen: a subservient, immortal mate.Through this plot device, the filmmakers explore the idea of post-divorce life being less about finding another person to marry and more about finding oneself as an individual.“I’m talking about forever, Lynette!

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