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For more details on the Arduino Nano, see the hardware page.

Z-Wave has the best support community of any home automation technology, with forums always buzzing with advice and support.

When using the MQA filter engine with our GTO filter coefficients, all PCM audio is oversampled to 8x Rate.

Thus the sample rate indication is always for 8x, whatever the specific unit has for 8x. At this point we feel that the GTO Filter is superior to all previous filter choices, including non-oversampling/Bit Perfect PCM.

Now that you have set up and programmed your Arduino Nano board, you may find inspiration in our Project Hub tutorial platform.Depending on the computer hardware, you may have to reinstall the driver again if the USB port to which the i Fi USB Audio device is attached is changed.This driver update contains new features, improvements and bug fixes, including the following fix: Improve Windows 8/8.1/10 compatibility. Supported products: Before proceeding, a user note: In the event that any incompatibility issues arise with v3.2, then please download and use v2.26 (i Fi (by AMR) HD USB Audio Driver 2.26.exe).This latest firmware v2.01 is unified and is suitable for ONLY the Pro i DSD.Major Optimisations: • Adds MQA Decoding and Rendering • Modifies the invalid problem of USB feedback • Adds DARS and WLCK clock synchronisation • Resolved some previously identified bugs Notes/Considerations: • Playing MQA songs needs to be adjusted to the maximum volume to recognize MQA. • External time synchronization is only possible with USB input Clock synchronisation rules: PCM: • Frequency range of 44.1/48k Hz 4K • Frequency offset range of 88/96 k Hz 2K • Frequency range of 176/192k Hz 1K • Frequency offset range of 352/384 k Hz 500 Hz • Frequency offset range of 768 k Hz 250 Hz DSD: Clock synchronisation is not supported.

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The actual LED colour is cosmetic – once firmware v5.30 is installed, the correct MQA filter is activated during MQA playback.

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