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If you’ve been wondering exactly where Cathy Davey has been for the past few years, the answer can be found within 30 seconds of pulling into her driveway.

They live surrounded by many of the creatures they have rescued, re-homed and restored with love and care.Once again, eschewing the traditional instrumentation of previous Divine Comedy albums, he drew on fossilised fragments of “failed love affairs” to write – a bruised farewell to a former paramour whose DNA suggests more than a few turntable miles in the company of Behaviour-era Pet Shop Boys.“It was recorded the day after I submitted the finished album to my manager,” recalls Neil, “But, of course, the good thing about being signed to your own label is that you can do that sort of thing.” Now on the verge of completing his third full decade as a recording artist, Neil says he has resigned himself to the fact that he’ll “probably always feel like a competition winner doing this for a living.” Talking about the period in the mid-90s that saw The Divine Comedy’s third album Casanova briefly confer pop stardom upon him, he says he feels “it was one of those eras that accidentally let some interesting people into mainstream media.” The fame was fun, but the main thing, he adds, is “the time, goodwill and freedom it bought me.” It’s a freedom that, in recent years, Neil Hannon has been determined not to squander.It’s a quality foregrounded by some of the most affecting moments on Office Politics.With an exquisite arrangement recorded live at the legendary Air Studios, , the emotional centre of gravity is one and the same – and it often lies with the challenges faced by the characters about whom Hannon chooses to sing.

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Along with Office Politics, he’s been working with Graham Linehan and Arthur Matthews on their musical adaptation of Father Ted – the classic Channel 4 sitcom for which Hannon’s was used as the theme music.

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