Obsessive dating behavior

The chemistry of the initial attraction is replaced by a conscious assessment of how the other person’s vision and values mesh with ours.

Whether or not the relationship deepens into something substantial and long-lasting depends on how suitable we are for each other as life partners.

It’s purely a matter of willpower that keeps us in touch with our family and friends because, if truth be known, he or she is the only person we want to be with.I like him very much and would like to try to keep this one and become intimate eventually on a healthy level. I have been in constant pain for the past year now and I want to get back to who I was before; A very confident, self-sufficient and happy woman.Could it be physiological or childhood traumas that are re-surfacing?As a result, there is a repeated attempt to possess and control the other partner’s thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.When the object of the obsession tires of all the attention, pressure, and neediness and — inevitably — tries to pull back, the perpetrator’s worst fears are confirmed, setting up a vicious cycle in which each side escalates in response to the other.

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However, the relationship does change over time and can often be divided into three definite phases: 1.

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