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"It does, however, come with a price tag for schools, so any discussion about universal pre-K or mandatory kindergarten needs to include funding for schools to pay for those programs as well."Both teacher's unions in Michigan support mandatory kindergarten and want more kids to enroll in preschool."We believe our state should go beyond mandatory kindergarten to also include universal pre-school education, which a myriad of studies has proven to yield tremendous benefits in student achievement throughout their academic career," said David Crim, spokesman for the Michigan Education Association.

By third grade, a lot of the advantages a child gets from kindergarten disappear unless intervention is continuous in grades 1 and 2, said Harris Cooper, a professor of psychology and neuroscience at Duke University, who reviewed in 2010 about 35 studies looking at the benefits of full-day kindergarten versus half-day.“Especially for a child coming from less well-off home, the boost they can get from kindergarten is the first step to addressing the achievement gap," he said.

While attendance is high in kindergarten, it is the grade with the highest rate of retention among school children grades K-12 for the last five years, according to Michigan school data.

In the 2016-17 school year, the most recent year data is available, 12,548 children who completed their kindergarten year in Michigan were retained for another year of kindergarten. By comparison, only 2.4 percent of first-graders were held back that year.

Personally, I'm not in favor of mandating kindergarten," said Hornberger, who taught elementary art education for 20 years and had kindergarten classes for 18 years in the East China School District in St. We are working on some stuff with kindergarten with the third-grade reading law.

In 2013, the cutoff point for a child turning 5 and being allowed to enroll in kindergarten was gradually moved forward from Dec. 1 to increase the age of children entering that grade.Di Sessa said state education officials are reviewing Sowerby's bill and have taken no position on it yet.Discussing retention Amy Parks, an associate professor of Elementary and Early Childhood Education at Michigan State University, said she doesn't see evidence that kids are being held out of kindergarten in Michigan."The truth is kindergarten it is widely adopted across the United States whether it is mandatory or not," she said.Legislation has been introduced to make kindergarten mandatory in Michigan, with a lawmaker saying children need to be better prepared for the state's third-grade retention law that takes effect next school year.An estimated 95 percent of Michigan children already attend kindergarten, dividing education experts on whether a law is necessary.

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Michigan Department of Education spokesman Bill Di Sessa said those students "were deemed not ready to move on to first grade for various academic or developmental reasons."An additional 4,130 students, labeled as kindergarten planned retention, were also retained that same year.

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